Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'd go black and blue - some essentials

Blouse Saint Tropez - Backpack, Watch, Sunnies Vintage - Analog camera Diana Mini
This week, or maybe month I have a few thingies which I really love and use a lot. They are black and blue and most of all some clothing or assecoires: so I think they are april essentials. I already had the backpack and the round sunnies for a while. But now the sun is coming back I'm able to wear the sunnies again. Also the black leather backpack is perfect when I'm cycling to work or the city! The washed blue blouse and the vintage watch are two new thingies. I got the watch for only 3 euros on a vintage little market, and the blouse is from Saint Tropez. I love the washed blue colour and I have a few outfits in mind with that one! Ahhh and loaded the lovely Diana Mini again. Last time the photographs turned out very blurry but I think I had a wrong setting. So now a new try! 
While writing this I just saw that these thingies together plus a black short, jeans or skirt would be a lovely outfit too! Maybe that's an idea for a next outfit post. And I love how the Diana looks ond the second photo! What do you think of these essentials? And how would you style this blouse?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Vintage machines

This weekend is lovely: long because of the extra off-days and most of all lazy. I haven't done that much and I got bored a little but I like that! Sometimes you have to get bored haha. Also happy easter! Today I'm back to this machine, I made this photograph and I really loved it, so for a reminder it became a post. I'm sewing a new from beast to beauty and I can't wait until I finished this piece. The fact that by making your own clothes you have something unique is so nice. In that way a clothing piece is completely your own and exactly the way you want it to be. 
Seeing the camera in the back reminds me that next sunday is my birthday: I'm going to ask/buy an SLR-camera! And I'm thinking about the Canon 600d. Do you know/have this one? Or do you have advice? Taking photographs with such a good camera must be amazing. Well I'm going back to my fabric and my machine, have a lovely sunday! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Outfit - Certain things mend us that's when we're hanging on for dear life

Crop top Jane Norman - High waist skinnies Zara - Belt, sunnies Primark - Chelsea boots h&m - Earrings Thailand
Ah hello new outfit and post! I've been away from my blog for a while, two weeks without blogging. I had some mixed feelings about it, but after those here is a brand new post. I took the photos a while ago with Anna in the city. Anyways, while editing/effect-ing the photos and writing this I remember again how nice blogging is. And how much I love to do that. So for myself it sorta feels like being back, hihi. 
But about the outfit, all black wearing my only and favourite black high waist skinnies and a brand new crop top. That crop top is perfection, a low back, good fitted and not too much cropped. And this beautiful little balcony was a lovely place to shoot the photos, a little different than usual and I like that sort of things. Also on monday I went to Amsterdam again with Janne, for James Arthur! Do you know him? The concert was one of  the best ones I've had, James is amazing live! How is your week? And what do you think about this outfit? 

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Tens and ice creams and flower dresses

Wow I'm so busy lately, not with any much important things, just working, haning around a little, doing nothing. But also enjoying this really amazing summer weather. the last week I ate about 10 scoopes of ice-cream, these little things make you the most happy! And beause of this summer time I forgot blogging for a while, not that I don't like that anymore, I do. But I didn't had a thing to post, and I don't want just put something upon here to be up to date. I think: only a post if there is something to show or write about or if I have something I want to remember, things like that. Just like a diary. And I'm fine with that idea also if it means not posting for a while. 
Well, I have new clothing hanger for on my rail and now I can put on 10 more pieces, that is what happend and they came out sorted on colour. Can you see that? In the meanwhile while not blogging I've been to a vintage kilo sale and I've bought this lovely dress. A little building and the dress came hanging on my wall. I really like this place in my room, and i love you hang clothes on my rail in such a way that creates a atmosphere, The dress on the wall and the beautfil old mirror I got from a dear family-friend are adding something extra to that. For now sweet dreams! Twomorrow I'll be making chocolates, bonbons and pralines again! And what do you think of this picture? And about the little personal piece about blogging?

Monday, March 24, 2014


"Lover I remember, laying out a map. Throwing our possesions, in the van.
The tapes piled on the back seat, the camera in your hand,
dressed for our arrival, in the strangeland"